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Q: How much should I pay for my visa application?

You can ask Chinese embassy for the cost of visa application

Q: What documents are required for my visa application?

When applying for your visa, please remember to take along with you your valid passport, the original copy of the university’s admission notification and a Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (also known as the JW201/JW202 form). Do make sure that your letter of admission and your JW202 form is handed back to you together with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa.

Q: Is the university’s admission letter enough for me to apply for my X visa?

No. In addition to the university’s admission letter, JW202 form is also needed.

Q: If it is too late to apply for student visa (“X” visa), how can I come to China?

You can come to China with tourist visa (“L” visa), then apply for X visa after your arrival, but you are suggested to come to China with student visa (“X” visa) in case the university cannot help you change your tourist visa (“L” visa) to student visa (“X” visa)

Q: How do I get my student visa to China?

Once admitted, you will receive the university’s letter of admission and JW202 form. The applicant can apply for X visa at Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in your home country.