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For BA Program:

  1. HSK-4

  2. High school graduate or equvalent

  3. Above 18 years old

For MA Program

  1. HSK-5

  2. Bachelor degree

  3. Under 40

Application Documents: 

Application form



Copy of the applicant’s latest academic diploma

Original copy of Notarization of diploma


Passport-sized photo

No-criminal-record certificate

For applying BA program, MA program, Visiting Scholar and training course application, additionally:

Two recommendation letters (For Master Degree, at least two recommendation letters from associate professor or professor)


An applicant who has already studied in other Chinese university should also provide:

Sealed transfer letter from the Foreign Students’ Office of the university

Copy of visa or residence permit in China

Health certificate

* Those who are already in China, but not studying in a university, please send us the information of Item .

If you're interested in studying in SCFAI, please download APPLICATION FORM here.

If you have further questions, please contact Mrs. Vivian LIU at

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