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2017 marks the second year of cooperation between SCFAI and Arts University of Bournemouth. On the morning of October 30, 2017, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Arts University of Bournemouth, Professor Stuart Bartholomew, Associate Professor Dominic Shepherd and Huang Minyan, Director of Division of Asian Development paid a visit to SCFAI. They visited the experimental teaching center, the classroom of Department of Art Education, Huxi Art Commune and gallery. Pang Maokun, President of SCFAI, Jiao Xingtao, Vice President of SCFAI and leaders of related departments had friendly exchanges with the guests in Meeting Room 2. 


Principal Stuart Bartholomew said the different states of students of SCFAI in classroom and studio impressed him. Beginning from the studio is the common characteristic of both sides. Both presidents hoped to carry out more in-depth cooperation to strengthen the ties between the two sidess. Cooperation project could be launched in student exchange, discipline exchange, especially in emerging disciplines. Cooperation could be implemented with both sides joining hands to finish projects as the orientation. 

Jiao Xingtao said formulaic exchanges were easy, but what could carry on were exchanges between people. Workshop is a model that can effectively promote exchanges between people. In the field of architecture and indoors decoration, China now provides many topics that other countries lack. If we could conduct cooperation in these fields, that would be more meaningful and significant for both parties.