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Since the establishment of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, we has founded worldwide cooperation in lots of art fields with many foreign fine arts academies in GermanyFranceU.K. South Korea and etc.. Up to now over 50 well-known foreign experts and scholars were invited to give lectures or to visit as honorary professors or advisors, and some specialists are annually invited to the university to give lectures and carry on joint researches. In addition, students from the U.S.JapanGermanySouth Korea, and France have been admitted to this university. As a very important part of the exchange program, every year some exchange students are sent out aboard to study for normally one semester, and more than 30 scholars are sent abroad for further studies in joint research or attending international academic conferences. Every year we send over 20 teachers to the Paris Workshop in France, which is for outstanding artists.

In addition, many professors in our institute has got good reputation in the world, and they usually be invited to some kinds of international arts exhibitions. Many world range arts exhibitions were hold in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. 


Find a Studio available for You

Tank Loft Arts Center

It subjected to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, is a non-profit organization. It was rebuilt from an abandoned tank storehouse which is now expanded into an area of 720 square meters for function space and 4300 square meters for artist studios and for artist apartment as well. The center supports creation of art experiments and seeks to cooperate with corresponding international organizations and institutions so as to realize exchange programs between the artists. Moreover, any application for identity as a residencer in the center is acceptable. Artistic activities will be held here regularly including painting, sculpture, design, performance, installation, dancing, video, film, music, poetry and so on.


Sculpture Studio

It is located in the campus of Sichuan Fine Art Institute, might be the best choice of your sculpture creation. Feel free to contact with the International Cooperation and Communication Division for more information.



Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms at different sizes are available for hire, able to satisfy the groups of around 25 to 550 persons, with overhead projectors and display equipments and so on.  Feel free to contact with the International Cooperation and Communication Division for more information.