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Nov 05
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1. First-class scholarship

2. Second-class scholarship 

Details of Scholarship

1. First-class scholarship: 25,000-30,000/year

   Bachelor students:  25000 RMB 

   Master students: 30000RMB

   Visiting students:  10000RMB


2. Second-class scholarship

   Bachelor students:   10000 RMB

   Master students: 15000RMB

   Visiting students:  8000RMB

delivering method:the amount of money will be one-off payment

3. All President scholarship students must pay the corresponding tuition fees and accommodation fees before enjoying Scholarship.

4. SCFAI President Scholarship should be applied every year. Reapplication shall be done for the second year.


1. The applicant must be of non-Chinese citizenship and under the age of 40.

2. The applicant already studied in SCFAI for at least one year.

3. The applicant must satisfy other application requirements of SCFAI for foreign students. 

How & When to Apply

1. The applicant should submit application materials directly to the International Students Office of SCFAI.

2. The application deadline: November 30. 

Application Materials

1.Application Form:  Original required.


3.Recommendation Letter:  Original. Recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors. 

4.Study Plan:  Required. No less than 400 words. In Chinese or in English.

5. Art works: at least 5 pieces

6. Awards:  Optional

Notes: All application documents are required in duplicate orderly and will not be returned once submitted.