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History and Achievements

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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SFAI for short), the former Southwest College of Fine Arts in Chengdu, is located in Huangjueping, Jiulongpo District of Chongqing Municipality with a history of 78 years. It was founded under the merger of fine arts and design departments of Sichuan Provincial Vocational Art School and Southwest People’s Academy  of Arts in 1953. The former school was established in 1940 by returned art educationists including Li Youhang and Shen Fuwen, while the latter was set up in 1950 by reputed artists of Northwest Military and Political University in Chongqing. In 1959, the Southwest College of Fine Arts was renamed as SFAI and recruited four-year system undergraduates. In 1981, it was approved as one of the first batch of authorized units of master’ and bachelor’s degrees.

Disciplines and Majors

SFAI has set up first-level disciplines accessible to master’s degree candidates, namely, fine arts, design studies, drama and film studies, and art theory. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, such four disciplines have been upgraded as municipal key disciplines and further constructed under the support of related government sectors, in particular, fine arts and design studies have been listed as municipal first-level disciplines. According to the 4th round of China Discipline Ranking, fine arts, design studies, art theory and drama and film studies ranked Grade A-, B+, C+ and C- respectively.

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Since starting to recruit students nationwide in 1999, SFAI has by now 7,850 undergraduates and postgraduates. In recent years, more than 100,000 and 2,000 students respectively apply for SFAI’s undergraduate and graduate majors. The employment rate of SFAI bachelors achieves above 96%, and the figure for masters is up to 100%.


SFAI is built with two campuses. Covering a total area of 200mu, the traditional one is located at No. 108 Huangjueping Main Street of Jiulongpo District and is awarded as the title of “Garden-style Campus” by the municipal government; the newly built Huxi Campus with an area of 1,000mu, highlighting ecology, culture and art sentiment, is created into a characteristic campus that features practicability, pleasant environment and unique design style. This campus becomes the first to win the first International Award for Public Art and the Silver Award of the 13th National Art Exhibition in Asia. SFAI’s teaching and administrative buildings occupy 250,000m2, with the per capita area reaching 31.86m2; teaching and research facilities are worth RMB 126 million, about RMB 19,000 for each student; meanwhile, SFAI is equipped with libraries and experimental teaching centers in both old and new campuses, with the total areas of 14,000m2 and over 38,000m2, and art galleries with the areas in old and new campuses of 7,000m2 and 23,000m2 respectively.