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Oil Painting  Department

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In Foundation Course Teaching and Research Lab, all the basic courses are held to train the students’ essential painting skills, improve their aesthetic appreciation abilities and foster their comprehensive quality. Courses include Basic Sketch, Colors, Basic Oil Painting, Painting Composition, etc. The Oil Painting Teaching and Research Lab is responsible for all the oil painting instructions and learnings. Aiming to cultivate professional and creative painters who are mainly good at easel painting, the Department adopts student-oriented teaching to train their essential and basic skills, widen their artistic horizon, and cultivate their artistic personality. Courses include Professional Sketch, Oil Painting Language, Oil Painting Style Experiment, etc. While the Creative Painting Teaching and Research Lab mainly takes charge of all the paint creation courses. Its aim is to cultivate versatile art talents who can create works through combing diversified elements and media. In practice, it advocates the combination of knowledge accumulation and art experiment to sharpen the students’ critical art thinking by open and interactive teaching methods. Courses include Sketch Creation, Oil Painting Workshop, Paint Plan, Photography and Paint, Photography, Tools and Devices, Integrated Materials, etc.油画系学生作品年展 展览现场图.JPG

Sculpture  Department


In terms of teaching, the Department of Sculpture has been transformed to a structure of two undergraduate majors, namely Sculpture and Landscape Sculpture, and a graduate program for sculpture students. Its educational direction can be divided into four clear threads, namely, carrying on the exploration of diversified resources from traditional sculpture art, inheriting and combing the academic inspiration of realistic sculpture, expanding the research of public art space and diversifying its practice, and seeking new forms and methods for creating sculpture in the context of diversified contemporary cultures. Under this guidance, Department of Sculpture offered the courses including Clay Sculpture (Chongqing Municipal Quality Course), Sketch, Metal Forging, Wooden Sculpture and Stone Sculpture, Ancient sculpture, Architectural Appreciation, Comprehensive Creation and so on, aiming to cultivate versatile sculpture talents with solid modeling ability and creative thinking. The academic program for undergraduate is five years and graduate three years.

The School of Design and Art

The School of Design and Art of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute grew out of the Arts and Crafts major opened when the Institute was founded. The School of Design and Art offers master's degree of design science, and its design science discipline is a provincial key discipline in Chongqing Municipality. The School of Design and Art has six teaching units, providing undergraduate programs including visual communication design, digital media art, environmental design, clothing and clothing design, industrial design (product design), and artistic design (theories). Besides,  it has two national distinctive majors, namely art design (visual communication design, digital media art, environmental design, clothing and clothing design), and industrial design (product design), four distinctive majors of Chongqing, including visual communication design, environmental design, clothing and clothing design, and industrial design, and five outstanding teaching teams of Chongqing, namely industrial design, visual communication design, environmental art design, clothing design, and design science. It has built an innovative experimental zone of talent training mode of Chongqing for its clothing and clothing design major.


Architecture Art Department  

Founded in 2000, Architecture Art Department is an important achievement of the cross-disciplinary construction of SFAI. It is the only department of SFAI under the category of engineering studies, and has two undergraduate majors in Architecture and Landscape Architecture.


School of Film, TV & Animation

The school covers the animation (film and TV cartoon art, animated product design, interactive media design and film and TV cartoon writing and directing), drama and film art design, and film and television production art. 

During the process of development, the School establishes a system of characteristic majors including a totally new mainstream meeting the needs of the time – drama and film art, animation (3D and 2D); many branches – drama visual art, film production technology and art, animation product design (reading material design, animation product) and interactive design in games; new irrigation area – way to achieve new technology in visual creativity; art in VR application, art restoration and all-media visual effect, performance and exhibition art. 

Printmaking  Department

During the past over 70 years, printmaking discipline has gained continuous development and advancement and took significant reforms. As a result, in terms of its educational system, it focuses on professional printmaking teaching, research and creation with main courses including Wooden Printmaking, Stone Printmaking, Copper Printmaking, Silk Printmaking, Comprehensive Printmaking, Print and Design. At present, there are two academic programs, Printmaking Art and Printmaking and Print Design for undergraduates, and two masters’ degree programs, Printmaking Art and Printmaking and Print Design.

Chinese Painting Department

In this department, there has been a big group of well-known  artist professors who have been working hard to cultivate talents for the  country, by which, the department has become the center of Chinese painting  education, research and execution in the Southwestern China. In the last few  years, a younger generation of the teachers has gradually founded a style of  learning about the best in traditional art culture and developing from it, of  which a new form of the Chinese painting creation has appeared, which enjoys  high prestige among art academies of China and has had broad influence in  artistic fields and art education at home and abroad.  

The Department of Chinese Painting comprises of two majors, namely Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy. Two academic focuses of the department are Chinese painting, and calligraphy and seal carving.  

Fine Arts Education Department

Fine Arts Education Department is one that has comparatively complete and comprehensive subjects of the following specialties: art education  direction(normal school), interior design direction, visual communication  direction, oil painting direction, water color direction. This department is  mainly for undergraduates(length of schooling is four years), but graduates are  welcomed(length of schooling is three years).


The School of Arts & Crafts 


Four majors are offered here, namely lacquer art, jewelry art, ceramic art, and fiber art. Based on national experimental demonstration center, the Arts and Crafts major has established 7 professional workshops (ceramics art, lacquer painting art, lacquerware art, fiber art, metal art, jewelry art, glass art). 

New Media Art Department 

The New Media Art Department has two Bachelor's programs--- Photography and New Media Art (Painting). In March 2017, the New Media Art was approved to a new major ---Experimental Art by the Ministry of Education ofChina. The two majors have the four teaching and research offices as “Cross-Media Art”, “Art and Society”, “Art and Science & Technology”, and “Photography”.

The School of Public Art

The school consists of three sub-departments, namely Public Paintings, Public Art, and Art and Science, covering the majors of Public Paintings (Contemporary Wall Painting, Modern Illustration, and Publishing Media Design), Urban Artistic Projects, Urban Space Design, Furnishing Art Design, Lighting Art Design, Exhibition Art Design, and Game Art Design.